Greek Evil Eye Bracelet
Greek Evil Eye Bracelet
Greek Evil Eye Bracelet
Greek Evil Eye Bracelet
Greek Evil Eye Bracelet
Greek Evil Eye Bracelet
Greek Evil Eye Bracelet

Greek Evil Eye Bracelet

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Greek Evil Eye Bracelet!

A Lucky Eye Bracelet you will love.

This is an adjustable bracelet thanks to the macrame finish

A good luck bracelet that adds a sparkling shine to your everyday look.

You can wear this blue evil eye friendship bracelet alone or together with other stacking bracelets.

This blue eye Bracelet is handmade in Greece.

✔️ Sterling Silver 925. ✔️24 K Gold Filled!

Be Stylish and protected against evil thoughts.

👁 The MEANING of greek evil eye 👁

The evil eye in greek culture is called “mati”.

We believe that if someone looks at you with a malicious glare, this glare can cause you bad luck, misfortune or sickness.

So, greek people love wearing evil eye jewelry, to be protected against evil thoughts and the hateful glare.

That's why evil eye jewelry is so popular in Greece.

That's why an evil eye bracelet is considered a great idea for a gift to your best friend.

If you are looking for a protection bracelet, I am sure that this Good Vibes Bracelet will excite you.

Get it as a gift for your beloved ones or for yourself.


The evil eye pendant is Sterling Silver 925! The silver is 24k Gold filled (vermeil gold)

The colorful evil eye in the inner part of the evil eye is handpainted enamel.

👁 SIZE 👁

Adjustable size thanks to the macrame finish

The macrame finish enables you to adjust it as loose or as tight, as you wish


This greek evil eye bracelet comes in a beautiful gift box.

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