About us


I am Kate, and I live in Milos island in the Cyclades.

Τhis serene and peaceful island is the perfect area to grow up my kids. Here my boys join the magic of nature, live authentic life experiences, enjoy careless moments.

However, the shopping options are limited. What I miss more is discovering new handcrafted jewelry.

I really love wearing extraordinary and unique handmade jewelry. This is my passion!

A beloved jewelry adds some magic to my life, it makes me smile, it makes me happy!!

Whenever I travel to Athens, together with my 2 best friends Sofia & Sophie, we visit various Art Happenings or Jewelry Marketplaces to discover and buy new handmade jewelry.
Every time an artist shows us a new collection or new jewelry design, we are really thrilled.

Me, Sofia and Sophie share the same passion for jewelry art.

That’s why we decided to create ARTIBY, our online jewelry shop.

A place where women from all over the world would celebrate style and discover unique jewelry items to buy, amazing bracelets, lovely rings, shiny charms, bold earring!

Artiby is an online store full of unique jewelry art, handcrafted by one of the kind jewelry artists.

That’s why we named it Artiby.

Artiby means Art inspired by authentic jewelry designers and artists.

So, welcome to Artiby, the world of handmade jewelry art.