Circle Earrings

  • €33,00

A minimalist and geometric stud earring.

Small but precious these minimalist and geometric earrings are handcrafted to upgrade your everyday look.handcrafted to upgrade your look.

Material Composition

These earrings are exclusively handcrafted by sterling silver 925.
A matte finish takes away the shine and creates a sophisticated textured look. The diameter of the circle element is 0.9cm.
Closure: Butterfly
Materials: Made by sterling silver, and gold plated.
Dimensions: 0.9cm -0.35

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Expert artists, in Greece, carefully handcraft our Jewelry.
Each item is one of a kind, handmade just for you  

We only source high-quality jewelry, designed to take your style higher!
A small variations from the products on the picture, is perfectly normal.

Our jewelry are 100% handmade.

As soon as you place an order, our artists start handcrafting your jewelry. Usually, we ship your order within 7- 8 working days!

You will receive a tracking number after the package has been sent.

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