2019 Lucky Charms Necklace - Black FIshbone

  • €46,00

A lucky Charm Necklace that symbolizes FERTILITY 

This lucky charm Necklace with the element of a fishbone is specially designed to bring you good luck and happiness during 2019.
Inside this unique element, the number of 2019 is hidden.
Moreover, since the fishbone symbolizes the fertility, this bracelet is a very thoughtful gift to a woman that wishes to get pregnant.

Combine it with a bracelet with the element of the fishbone to make the perfect fertility set.

Material Composition

Materials: Silver 925 both in the fishbone element and in the chain, Platinum Plated. Zirgon and semi-precious gems.

If you wish 2019 to be a year full of happiness and success, this necklace is your excellent choice! 

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