Giving Back to kids

At Artiby we love giving back!
We love jewelry, we love art but most of all we love kids.
Me, Sofia and Sophie, we are already mums. So, we consider a baby the most precious gift a woman may hold.
Inspired by the love for our children, we felt the deeper need to make more kids around the world happy!!
Giving back to kids and making them smile, is vitally important to all of us at Artiby!
We are already foster parents via ActionAid organization, but we consider this as the simplest action we could take.
We wanted to offer more, we wished to help more children to get access to nutritious food, clean water, health care and education. That’s why we decided to donate 10% of our profit to ActionAid organization!

We love style and art but we do not forget the people that need us!
We consider our duty to offer to all children, leaving in the poorest parts of the world, the possibility of a brighter and safer future!

Together we can make the hopes and the dreams of these kids become reality!
Thank you for supporting us to support Action Aid to tackle poverty and fight for human rights!
Together we can make more kids feel safe and smile!!!

Katerina, Sofia and Sophie!